Refund Policy - GeexSupport Call: 1-888-395-1991

If You Are Buying Online A Valid Credit Card Is Required For Paying Accounts. We Reserve The Right To Accept Or Reject The Payment Made Through Credit Cards.
Geex Support's, PC Support Plan Starts From The Date On Which You Signup Or Sign The Agreement Copy, And The Payment Is Realized. In Case You Are Not Satisfied With The Service And We Have Not Been Able To Resolve Even 1 Issue With Your PC In That Month You Are Entitled To A Full Refund No Questions Asked.
In Case We're Not Able To Fix Even One Of Your Issue Your Complete Amount Would Be Refunded. In Case We're Able To Fix Even One Issue You're Not Entitled For A Complete Refund. We Would Deduct A Minimum Of ($99 Or 25% Of The Total Charged Amount, Whichever Is Higher) X Number Of Cases Resolved By Us, And Refund Back The Rest Amount.
All Fees Are Inclusive Of All Taxes, Levies, Or Duties Imposed By Taxing Authorities Of You Shall Be Responsible For Payment Of All Such Taxes, Levies, Or Duties, If Levied In Your Country.
We Don't Store Credit Card Information For Any Customer And We Would Not Do Any Charging Without Your Explicit Consent.

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